Oh give us a poem that carries us away
to a place we have always longed for
that takes us back to the place we call home, that sings a song of dancing innocence, brilliant and beautiful youth thrilled with the mystery of music,
her tiny hand drawing circles in the air as she stumbles and falls and lifts herself back up to twirl and hop-step
with that smile that brings tears of joy to the windows of your eyes.

Give us a poem to light our way, to reveal the truths and offer a resolution
to the unanswered questions

still rattling around in the emptiness of unknown purpose,

the darkness of not belonging.

Let us discover once and for all
what has always been right there for us to see,
the fading memories of the Texas Horned toad,
the Quail, the Bob-White, the Bobolink, the Loon
the Horseapple and the Digger Pine, the Oriole,
the Otter, the Kingfisher and the clear water
high up in the mountains of New Hampshire, home
to the Beaver and the Grebe, so cold and so clean
you could drink straight from your cupped hands,
taste the beavers’ silky pelt, feel the warmth
inside the icy stare, finally revealing the truth
that was never that far from the knowing, never so lost
that the way could not be found, never so alone
that you would miss the tiny miracle waiting inside
the poppy seed destined to join earth, water and light
to burst open like fire, like sun, like a smiling little girl
dancing to the music of the stars. Give us a poem
so we cannot keep from laughing, so we cannot
stop our voices from singing and we cannot keep
our feet from dancing nor suppress our joy


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