What is Love Like….

What is Love like….

Is it like swimming at 6am in Barton Springs on new years day morning…
is it strawberry rhubarb pie made in your honor by your son on your birthday…
is it a sweet little dog wagging his tail and jumping all over you…
is it a sunrise coming up over the distant pines looking out from Rose Mountain?

is it your tai chi teacher hugging you again after 30 years of smiles and acceptance…
is it that boulder at Vedauwoo in Wyoming that you just can’t forget because it feels so familiar,
like its a part of your soul, like your heart is connected deep inside that place?

is it like wanting to help when you have other things that you need to do…
is it a dream from which you wake up crying and laughing and fall back to sleep?

Is it the moment you realize you can do something you thought you would never do…
like riding a bike, like swimming, like climbing a mountain, like touching an elephant,
like standing under a waterfall, like hiking up Conundrum Creek to the hot springs,
like sky diving or skiing or swimming with dolphins or sea turtles, like seeing a whale… like reading Mary Oliver’s poems?

Is it like looking at a passionflower blossom up close, like smelling gardenia flowers,
like singing in a circle of friends?

I don’t know about you but for me, it is all of these and more and it is like waking up and starting all over again…
It is… so nice to be in this place and time and loving you.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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