On my way to the airport one day,
It looked like the shadow of a flying dog
That might have been jumping for a Frisbee.
Or maybe he was tossed up by his loving owner
The way a father might toss a baby up high
To watch it laugh as it free falls
And is caught squarely and surely
By those hands that never miss.
Or maybe he was jumping
From a footbridge into cool clear creek water
Just because he loves to swim
And he thought he saw the shadow of a fish
Or maybe he was Bungee jumping
From a cable car in the Swiss Alps,
Deputy Dawg on a European vacation
Or from a hot air balloon near Cattle Creek in Colorado
Or maybe he’d just jumped off the tailgate
Of a beat up old blue pickup in the piney woods
Of East Texas, where he loved the smell of the cows
My Grandfather fed every day with range cubes and hay
And he just couldn’t wait another second
To hit the ground running for the those trees
And those cows and that scent so strong
He could almost taste it.

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