Poem by Poem

What if our lives were one poem after another,
one song, one work of art, one act of grace,
one moment of inspiration, one dance in some
loved one’s arms, one sigh of amazement,
one heavenly swallow of wine or watermelon
juice on a hot summer day, one hummingbird
hovering over a red cardinal flower nearby,
one bite of buttery biscuit and milk gravy
with sorghum molasses the way they used to
make it with a mule walking in a circle around
a sugar press, an ear of corn dangling just beyond
reach and what if that one more poem, that
one more kiss or drink of wine or flash of color
or splash of cool clear water or dance with that
electric touch of exquisite desire were the need,
the temptation, drawing us on into that circle
slowly grinding the cane of this fabulous existence
a story written in the field and sweet, like molasses.

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