Lap Dance with Fate

I want to have a lap dance with Fate
I want Fate to stand naked in front of me
and jiggle her boobs with her shoulders lifted
and her arms outstretched like Marilyn might do it
with her red lips and a sparkle in her eyes
I want Fate to turn around and arch her back
just a little bit so her butt is close to my face
and then I want Fate to tempt me
the way she did when I was ten years old
holding a firecracker in my hand
with a short fuse.  I want it to hurt if I
reach out and touch her skin
I want Fate to spread her legs and inch up
close to my mouth. I want to want it so much
that I drool.  I want my eyes to get out of focus
just because her crotch is so close that I can’t
breathe because inhaling her perfume would
drive me wild.  I want Fate to wrap
her angel wings around my body so tight
that I feel her nipples and her belly button
and every crease and fold and soft hollow
and then I want Fate to get all wet
and then I want Fate to want me to tempt her
the way she tempted me.
I want Fate to want me to fix her car
or patch her screen door.  I want Fate
to ask me if I have a hammer in my truck
and can I hang a picture in her bedroom.

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