In Our Lives

In our lives we have many opportunities
for change.   We are born into a firm order,
strangely resembling chaos
we are entrusted to others
by chance or fate,
that is an endless debate,
and we learn to smile and laugh,
if we are the luckiest of lucky
and we learn to cry and withhold,
out of cruelty or misfortune
we are born blind or sighted,
whole or in part and all our lives
we learn to compare our lot
with that If all others.
We come to love certain people,
places and things and
we are given choices
and we are given accidents
to adjust and adapt to
like standing in the wind
our bodies are shifted this way and that
and as we stand and look over
the precipice that is our future,
We sometimes react in fear
and step back from the edge
and sometimes we step boldly
out into the unknown
and take our chances
trusting in the bungee cord
to hold us safely
or the water to receive us
in its cool welcoming embrace
or the arms of our loved ones
to catch us before we hit the ground.
We are given parents
and we are given children and friends
and children who become our friends
in spite of all the ways
we have done them wrong
we cannot know what lies ahead
in the vast future that is tomorrow,
it is a kind of death
that we wake into each morning
and we receive it with open arms
rushing ahead eagerly
to meet our old selves
and our old lives
to see what we have become,
accountants, biologists, architects,
librarians, artists, mothers, fathers.
We are blessed by this wind
that holds the flag perpendicular
to the pole and us barely able
to keep our feet on the ground
for this wanting to fly,
this immense excitement and joy,
these lucky choices, these lovely people
who share our lives, our homes, our gardens,
our beds and fill our hearts with colors
and sounds and feelings
we could not have imagined without them
and for all of this we will never be the same.

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