Grateful Dead

There may be some logic to it
but I seem to remember you all
at unexpected times.
Some of you are gone now
and some just gone from my life
but still here, somewhere.
And you, you left this marvelous world so many years ago,
was it 1983, when you taught me
how to saw and nail?
We built a doghouse together.
How old was I then, do you remember?  Which dog was it?
I can see you there so clearly
as if I had a Poloroid snapshot of the scene.
You were the best ever.
Why did you have to leave when you did?
I know we can’t live forever, but why then,
why couldn’t we have said goodbye
one last definitive moment,
one more reassuring gap-toothed scruffy bearded grin?
What kinds of mysteries are unraveled there,
wherever you are now and is it
really Heaven
or what exactly?  Are you happy?
Is Momma Osie there with you?
She had to spend so many years alone without you.
Sometimes she thought I was you.
Sometimes I glance in the mirror and think the same thing.
I miss you so much.
I wish I could have been a better Grandson to you.
Now I just have to try and be
the best Grandfather I can
and I think of you a lot.

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