I am blessed with eyesight
and all these other ways
of feeling the world
some may have hidden senses,
intuition, instinct, premonition,
some say they sense the ghosts
of the dead, what the future holds,
maybe even the ability to read
an energetic imprint of events
long since hidden beneath
time past.  Goodness knows
its hard enough to learn the truth
from books and videos,
all that hidden thought and intention
rushing along beneath the surface
an urgent, unknowable and irresistible
force moving us in many directions
that only time will reveal.
I am blessed with hearing
and so I sing and listen.
I am blessed with skin that feels
and reacts to breath and moisture
and sound and my body trembles
in excitement poised on the edge
of a cliff of anticipation.
I wander the world
in search of high place
from which to fall.  You appeared
and the fall was deep and long
and the wind rushed over me,
the moisture softened and excited me
and your skin… I can still feel your skin
in my thoughts these many years past
and there are goosebumps
on my arms and face
and I am blessed.

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