A Thank You Poem For When We Say Goodbye

If I were to write a thank you poem,
I would address it to everyone whose lives have touched mine
and there would be lots of unspoken words in the background
like clouds in a blue sky on a desert photograph

and there would be plenty of salty ocean tears
because it is so hard to say goodbye and there would be lots of joy
because of the new babies coming into this life bringing their own
amazing innocence and some crying out loud

over the silliest inconsequential things because
so much is below the surface of this sweetness and I cannot begin
to thank you enough for all the life, love and weary wonder you have
invested in me though you might think it small,

I will carry it deep inside this well of memories
somewhere way back along this winding trail that moves like a snake
sometimes touching its luscious body flank to breast, tail to tip of nose
and like tiny kisses, I will remember your patience,

your kindnesses, and hope you will forgive
the ways in which I may have been less than kind along the way
less than aware in the times I forgot to say goodbye or good morning
because it’s too late for that now

and while I can still remember who you are
and what it looks like I will draw you a Raven
the way a child would do with a pencil
or a crayon and just a
few wobbly lines and

you may not recognize it
but that’s okay and
I will dedicate it
to you.

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